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History of the Art Center

School Art center, used to be a section in the Extension Education Center (School secondary office), is founded in August, 1995.  We have been indulging in raising Art and Culture atmosphere in the southern Taiwan.  In order to implement the art and culture works to its greatest extent, school make efforts to make on-campus art and culture offices work independently and professionally.  Since Aug 1st, 2005, the Art and Culture Section has been raised to the first office in the office—Art center, which has been devoted to implement art and culture education, promote the ability of art and culture appreciation, continue its service on campus and southern Taiwan in order to reach its goals:

1. implement art education, raise campus art style and cultivate art among students and teachers.

2. Integrate on-campus art and culture resources and expand the interaction among community crowds.

3. Create an active art and culture environment for the south and make it as a culture prominent center in the southern Taiwan.